Uploaded "Walking in the Waves"2011-06-11 10:10

I made this tune quite a while ago and today I found it in my stash of songs in various states of completion. I feel that this song was made with the intention of adding lyrics, so when I get the opportunity I should give a shot at adding some vocals. On an entirely different topic I noticed that the Google Chrome browser now actually care about the <preload="none"> , this is great. Formerly (at least in my implementation) it did not care about the "none" setting and preloaded all songs on page load.

Working on a cover2011-05-28 08:35

Currently working on a cover of the classic Adolpshon - Falk song "Hav". I used to listen to that vinyl record as a kid... a lot... no really I mean a LOT! Anyway, it's a lovely piece of music, really defining the swedish melancolia.

A new beginning2011-04-29 21:54

So i figured it was time o "revamp" my site a bit. I am not much of a designer and my HTML and CSS skills are at par with where the rest of the world where in 1995, so the facelift isn't all that magical. Anyway, I am pretty satisfied, it will do for now and it's still way better than the previous page. The menu is void and will be so for a while, if Carl ever get the Vansinnet-site up I will have a reason to add a "links" item at least. :-)

If your browser supports the HTML5 <audio> tag you can use the "play" button, otherwise just click on the song title.